SEOUL FUN: Middle School Students Take a Field Trip

Sunday, February 17, YES Youngdo (Cheoncheon Branch) T7 middle school students went to Itaewon, a very diverse and famous area of Seoul. Afterwards, we visited a Korean landmark, Namsan Tower.

The students returned and wrote their own stories about the culture, food and shopping in Itaewon and the sightseeing venture at Namsan (Seoul) Tower.

Best Bites–by J.J.

When we first arrived in Itaewon, we ate at Taco Bell. It was our first time to eat Mexican food. We tasted a variety pack of burritos, nachos, and tacos.

“The most delicious thing at Taco Bell was the potato burrito,” Laura said.

In a burrito there is usually meat (chicken or beef), cheese, beans and sometimes sour cream wrapped in a soft flat bread called a flour tortilla.


International Store on a backstreet in Itaewon

Next, we went to an international store where Alicia bought an American candy called Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.   She also bought some jellies.   Jenny said she liked the peanut butter in the chocolate, but overall it was too salty.

Also, we ate ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  Gi-eun said, “I want to eat churros again at Namsan Tower.”

Most of the classmates want to eat tacos and burritos again when they go back to Itaewon.

Itaewon Culture–by Jenny

The culture in Itaewon was as fresh as a hot baked churas!

It was my first academy field trip to Itaewon. It was one of the most interesting cities I had ever been too. I saw many unique and odd people there. For example, I saw an African man wearing a green suit, an Asian man wearing an orange coat with green pants, and a beggar who had no legs.

I expected to see an “international street of my hope.” Ahh… I must say that my “hope” [before going] was that Itaewon would be better than the Chinese International Street. After I got there, I understood why the books always say, “Don’t get your dreams too high.” It was smelly and not clean.

Overall, I hope I can go there again sometime with my friends.

So Many Stores! by Gi-eun

A Tall, Tall Tower–by Laura

Have you ever seen Namsan Tower?  If you go to Seoul, I recommend going to Namsan Tower.  There are beautiful views, stores, foods and services.

To go there, you can take exclusive buses. When you arrive, you will find many shops.  In one shop, you can buy a personalized lock and afterwards put it on the surrounding fences. You can add a personal message with your wishes on it.

Namsan Tower is so beautiful at night.  You can see wonderful night views of Seoul.

Jenny said, “Namsan Tower was romantic at night!”


New Year’s Fun


Photo art colored by Jenny in M4

Sunday, February 10, Koreans celebrated the lunar New Year.


Rice-cake soup (dohk-guk), the traditional main dish eaten on New Year’s

My students and I spent our holidays in different ways. After reading all of our experiences, it’s easy to understand more about how Koreans celebrate New Year’s.

I visited my Korean friend Erin (You Song Hee). At noon Sunday, we went to her father’s temple. His temple is very big and very beautiful. There, I observed the New Year temple ceremony, then I ate the traditional rice cake soup with Erin and her family. All around the country, Koreans were eating this soup!


Alicia-teacher with You Song Hee at her father’s temple

The soup and all of the Korean side dishes were delicious and healthy. I learned that the thinly-sliced, coin-shaped rice cakes symbolize wealth in the coming year. (Maybe I will be rich!) Also, after eating it, I was one year older! (Oh no!)

Mostly, I was really excited to experience a few interesting Korean holiday traditions.

M2 Juri: Sunday I visited my grandparents. I saw my cousins. I played video games with them on the TV. We went to E-mart and I bought a cute water bottle. At night, we went to my grandfather’s home. The next day, we went home.

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The pork hock cooked by David (M4) and his mother on New Year’s

M4 David: My mom and I made pork hocks. It is very delicious! I ate doke-guk (rice-cake soup) and did ancestral rites. I went to my grandfather’s house and got cash gifts from adults after bowing to them.

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M6 Chelsea: I went to my grandparent’s house, and I played with my two cousins. I also ate lunch there. I went to my great-grandmother’s grave with an uncle, my fahter and my two cousins. When I arrived there, we went to a Buddhist temple. Also, my grandparents gave me some money.

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T4 Christine: The most fun thing I did during the holidays was go to both grandmother’s houses. First, I made dumplings. It was fun but a little hard. Next, I played with my grandmother’s dog. The dog’s name is Mango. Mango is cute. I spent a happy time.

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